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A romance of reuniting after nine years of separation

A romance of reuniting after nine years of separation


From IMDb’s Top 250 list, Before Sunset is # 250.

I was intrigued by the movie’s theme and sat down in hope of a good love-lost, now-found-again movie.

The opening conversation quickly grabbed my attention and I found that I was delightedly drifting into the lives of Jessie (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Deply) as they re-unite. Having not seen the prequel, I hesitated to watch this movie without seeing the first of the series, Before Sunrise. There was enough background given that there was no need.

I found myself walking along the Parisian streets with them and loved the romantic architecture and narrow, cobble-stoned lanes that surrounded the couple as they wandered, lost in awkward but hopeful conversation. The lovely ambiance of the City of Romance compliments the couple’s quiet, yet understandably uncomfortable glow in finding each other again.

The story kept me intrigued. As Celine so perfectly says “Everone wants to believe in love, it sells”, I would say that this is the epitome of the movie.

The characters are lkeable, feel real and easily show their vulnerabilities while not appearing weak.

A wonderful movie for a quiet night with a glass of wine and a spirit of hope of love being true and lasting through the years.