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Movie of high emotion and shifting currents of intrigue.

Movie of high emotion and shifting currents of intrigue.

From IMDb’s Top 250 list, Prisoners is # 249.

The movie opens with a father and son hunting as the father prays before shooting the deer. With his daughter’s immediate abduction, there is a continued undertone of a father’s faith challenged by his desperation to find his daughter and how far his human nature.

The storyline was well-woven as I was lead from one suspicion to another and surprised by the choices that were made by a few of the movie’s characters.

The pain and rage of the parents was tangible as  Hugh Jackman portrayed the determined, yet frantic father who will go to any measures to find his daughter and Terrance Howard, the second father who is less rash, yet his grieving touches your soul as you watch him struggle with his own choices.

The detective assigned to the case (Jake Gyllenhaal) gives us a rarely-seen frustration with the system and his captain as he wields his way through the media-hyped, time-sensitive case with the world hoping to find the girls.

The movie offered many turns and shows deep contrast in character as we watch the sinister truth of humanity wage against faith.

A great suspense that will even give you chills in a few places.