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As delightful now as it was the first time I saw it! (and the many times since)

As delightful now as it was the first time I saw it! (and the many times since)

From IMDb’s Top 250 list, Beauty and the Beast (1991) is # 247.

As a mom of four who was born in 1990 (eek!), I had the pleasure of reapeatedly watching most of Disney’s big 90’s hits. This is a movie that I am more that familiar with… what a delight to see it again!

I drifted away to this delightful story with the intelligent, beautiful heroine of the story Belle (Paige O;Hara) singing through a peasant town in rural France that is home to her and her beloved father.. There is something so touching in this movie that I have not found the same degree in most other Disney movies. Belle’s vulnerability and pain coupled with her courage is well-matched to the Beast’s (Robby Benson) metamorphosis of raging bull to hopeful suitor.

Gaston (Richard White) is the perfect jug-head villain with his outrageous vanity, narcissism and bullying persona. He is just so easy to dislike and his song (about himself of course) is such a clever combination of rude jock and mirror-loving town beau wannabe that I still laughed out loud to the witty verbiage.

The story weaves you through action, love, great animated scenes, delightful songs and a do-or-die fight at the end. My favourite part is the singing of the dishes (Be Our Guest) sung by the lovely Misses Posts (Angela Lansbury), her in-a-hurry-to-grow-up son Chip (Bradley Pierce), ever-enthusiastic Lumiere (Jerry Orbach)  and the always-anxious Cogsworth (David Ogden Stiers).