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Deeply moving

Deeply moving


Christina Ricci acutely portrays a brilliant Harvard scholar plagued by her struggle against depression in Prozac Nation (2001).

Her relationship with her mother (Jessica Lange) throughout the story is gripping. The journey that they share through her depression while her mother deals with her own demons is emotional, heart-wrenching and deeply moving.

Eventually seen by Dr. Sterling (Anne Heche), the light at the end of the tunnel seems to dim even further as she resists and is not responsive to therapy.

This is definitely not a family movie, yet being the mother of a girl similar in age to the character that Christiana plays left me feeling emotionally drained after seeing her grappling battle against this all-encompassing mental illness that ruined every relationship that touched her life.

Though not a feel-good movie, this is a true story that is profoundly engrossing. Hats off to Jessica Lange, Anne Heche and Christina Ricci as well as Michelle Williams who is the best friend she had but just could not have.