About Movies in My View

 EasterWith a love of writing, strong opinions and a busy life, the end of the day down time.. Down to relaxing into a good movie for an hour or three while I sink into someone else’s reality.

Come along as I work my way through the movies that I watch, in no particular order. I have chosen to work my way through others’ recommended movie lists, current and past hits as well as my all-time favourites while share my opinion with you. I will start with IMDb’s Top 250 List, working my way from the bottom up.. but also adding my review of other movies that I watch as I work through that list. Many of these movies will be reruns for me (some, I have seen a few times over).

My name is Easter. I live a fairly simple life, with four almost-grown children, a much-loved better-half and his two girls, a love of life, my faith, writing, movie-watching and photography. Might sound like it’s not that exciting a life, but it’s great.. in my view.


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